Reinventing the Way Businesses Buy Fuel

Is Commercial Fuel Costing You Too Much?
Is Your Fleet Fuel Card Really Saving You Money?

We're changing the way businesses buy fuel.

Now, you can get wholesale pricing on fuel, direct from the pumps at gas stations near you!

How? We have an App for that!

With the Carroll Fuel Network, your drivers can use their phone to activate special wholesale pricing on commercial fuel at participating stations.


Here's how it works:

“We love saving money on Fuel! The app is great, saves time, and is convenient for our Drivers.”

A Fuel Network Designed For You!

Fleets of all sizes will save money on fuel costs and see improved efficiency
with the Carroll Fuel Network.

Customize the system to meet your needs!

At participating Carroll Fuel Network stations, drivers simply select the pump they want, then enter their phone number and pin to start fueling.

  • Want to track mileage? Record truck numbers? Need extra safety features? You can do that too!
  • Real time transactions are recorded automatically and are stored in the cloud. No more illegible transaction sheets.

View the map of our 100+ convenient locations.

Real Time Useful Data

Sort transactions by company, driver, or vehicle. Get the recurring weekly, monthly, or yearly reports needed to help your business achieve maximum efficiency. See your transactions at any time at

All transactions are invoiced through your Carroll Fuel account.

  • Add or remove drivers and vehicles, immediately allowing access to the system. No delays in waiting for customer support or software updates.
  • Set limits for fuel or frequency by driver and control locations where they can fuel

“Love the website! I have been entering trucks and editing drivers. It's very easy to use.”

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Use our new app to save time AND money!

Enjoy a super low price, and YES, savings are available for all businesses
from 1 vehicle to 1,000 or more!

Features & Benefits:

Here’s How to use the app:

“This app ROCKS! So simple. Our drivers love the simplicity and convenience of not needing a traditional fleet card.”

join the network
and start saving on fuel now!

With the new Carroll Fuel Network® app, our customers are saving
hundreds, or even thousands of dollars every month!